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British or English Bulldog-
Still in dispute. It seems that when the Bulldog was on the verge of extinction the British and the English worked together to repopulate the breed. They did a fine job and each took credit for their survival. Since neither would concede to the other for a title we now call and register them as the "Bulldog".

Manley Bulldog Frame
Girly Girl Frame

Size- The Bulldog is considered a medium sized breed. In a perfect world, your Bulldog should weigh in around 55 lbs. and stand about 16 inches to the shoulder. The males are generally bigger and should have a much bigger head. In real life their weight and size varies just like people. For more info see links below.

Climate Control- Bulldogs are definitely indoor dogs. They are very susceptible to heat strokes so hot weather or warmer environments are unacceptable. They are cold sensitive as well and will chill easily. A Bulldog does best in a temperate climate. Most adult Bulls do not require a lot of exercise or outdoor activity. A jogging partner they are not. They make much better couch-potatoes.

Stop,Drop and SLEEP!
Baby Kenzie and "REKA"
We play hard we sleep hard.
Lucky for him this isn't a clean basket of laundry.


Sleep Habits-
All dogs sleep approx. 16 to 18 hours a day. It is easy to over handle a new puppy. Help keep your new Bulldog healthy as it grows. Be sure it gets all the rest it needs.


The diet for your Bulldog is very important. Many of the health problems that a Bulldog faces are the result of improper nutrition and exercise. Please visit
Care of your Bulldog on our site for more information.


Lifeguard on duty - Bulldogs LOVE WATER. They think they can swim like a Labrador Retriever. They can not! Being top heavy makes its hard for them to keep their heads above the water line. Water up that short snout can turn in to a tragedy in seconds. They do very well with a lifevest or in a 8" plastic pool made for children. I fill it half full and let the party begin.

 Potty Training-Most importantly be sure to exercise lots of love, patience and praise. Remember what ever goes in one end is coming out the other in 20 minutes. Pups need to go shortly after they wake up and if you see them circling or running franticly with their nose down …They have to go. Truth is known you will probably be trained before your Bulldog pup.

Medical Instruments

Spay or Neuter- We recommend to have your puppy spayed or neutered. Talk to your vet about the benefits of having this procedure done. I believe the younger the better. It is much easier on the puppy. Spay and neutering your puppy will not make it fat or Lazy.

Someone please rub my paws.
Feeding Time...Every two hours.

Breeding- If you are thinking about breeding your pet, my advice to you is DON'T. Most Bulldogs require artificial insemination and C-section deliveries. More often then not a Bulldog needs assistants with her pups the first 2 or 3 weeks of life. Especially the first timers. There are many long or sleepless nights involved. Talk to your vet or better yet a breeder before you commit to such an adventure.

For more information about breed standards visit the AKC link below. Thanks.

Kenzie and "TUDDY"
Please let me in I wont chew your toys up anymore I promis!


AKC link