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Federal USDA and the State of Missouri Rules and Regulations govern all warranties and guarantees. All sales are considered initiated, transacted and finalized in the County of Miller, Missouri
All expenses incurred medical or otherwise are the responsibility of the buyer. Shipping expenses are never refunded.
Initial Health Guarantee
Your puppy is warranted to be in good health, to the best of our knowledge, at the time of purchase. All our puppies are vet checked twice before they leave for their new home and will be accompanied with a current health certificate. You will have 3 business days from the day you receive the puppy to take it to a licensed veterinarian for examination. If, within the first 3 business days, should your vet find a health issue with your puppy you must notify me with a written report from your vet within 48 hours. FAX 573-793-3361. If veterinarian advises, you can return the puppy with the papers for a refund or exchange up to the purchase price of your puppy. Shipping is never refunded.  
All our puppies come with a vaccination record. Your puppy will be up to date with vaccines and worming at the time you receive it. Puppies require more vaccine boosters and worming as they grow. It is your responsibility to continue a vaccination and worming program with a Licensed Veterinarian.
One Year Health Guarantee 
I will warrantee your puppy for one year from the date of birth for any genetic or hereditary disease or defect that would be considered life threatening. This does not included any predispositions to a breed. Such as respiratory trees or hips in bulldogs. Many problems or disorders can be the cause of improper nutrition or environmental factors, i.e.: Hip Dysplasia, Allergies, Skin Problems, Thyroid Dysfunction, Demodectic Mange, and other autoimmune disorders are not covered by this warrantee. All medical reports must be sent to us within 48 hours of diagnosis. We will have our vet interpret the report. If our vet concurs and guarantee permits I will refund the purchase price, upon return of the puppy's registration papers.
Six Month Limited Health Guarantee
Our puppies are sold for PETS ONLY. Your puppy might have the ability and potential for breeding and showing but, I will not guarantee for breeding or showing fitness. Companion pets only. We ask you to please be responsible and spay or neuter your puppy before six months of age. We will not warrantee or guarantee any puppy for any reason after six months of age that is not spayed or neutered.     No exceptions.   
We insist on being involved with any health care decisions you may run into no matter how big or small the problem may seem. If we are to be responsible we must be included. Our goal is to breed healthy, quality puppies so our vets need to be kept in the loop at all times. We have the finest Veterinarians in the area. They are very familiar with our animals and their 3rd and 4th generation health histories. Our experience with the breed could be a great asset to the health of your puppy.

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