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Baby Kenzie and "REKA"
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Once you have loved an English Bulldog there is no going back. I couldn't imagine how empty life would be with out my Bullies. They are the most affectionate and gentlest animals I have ever known. Bulldogs adore children, and food (not necessarily in that order either). They are full of personality and are basically happy dogs. Bulldogs will bring you hours of joy and happiness. Your Bulldog will consider themselves part of the family and will demand a lot of attention, and I mean a lot!

Has anyone seen "HAMMER"???
Oh, Here he is........ hiding in the cupboard!

When they feel neglected they will let you know. They might pout, ignore you or worse. I always knew when Reka was mad at me because, she would poop under my desk. Mia' will find my favorite shoes and chew the laces off and Fartblossom chews up the whole shoe. Cupie chews the corner of the cupboard and Hammer tries to hide from us.

Jesse and "MIA"
A little Bulldog love.

The Bulldog comes in many colors and is an average shedder. Yes, folks it is true...they snore, have gas and might drool at the whiff of a good steak. They are hard headed, stubborn and determined. (Sounds like a few humans I know. Ha!) . In spite of all this having a Bulldog love you is well worth it.


Bulldogs are extremely friendly and inquisitive. A lot of people are intimidated by their look and big bark. If that doesn't do it than 50 pounds of solid muscle mass coming to greet you might. Most Bulldogs don't know a stranger and will go to and with anyone. Never let them to far out of your site. 

Ready To Roll

Can I Drive?

Every Bulldog I've known loves to travel and they never complain about my driving. All I have to do is ask, "who wants to go bye-bye" and They'll run me over trying to get to the door.

Don't worry mom, I'll kill it before it can kill us!

There are very few things my Bullies don't like. The vacuum cleaner and the flyswatter being a couple of them. The minute I get the vaccum out of the closet they turn into four legged barracudas on a killing frenzy. I don't even have to turn it on. Clipping their nails is no picnic either. It is usually a two man job.

Did you say cookie? Yah,Yah, gimmy. gimmy oh goodie!
Wake up I think you have something in your eye!

Hey, What was that green jumping thing?

I know this holds water and I won't get out till I get some!

Like people every Bulldog has their own unique personality. I have two "Class Clowns". They are always good for a laugh. One "Kleptomaniac." Her bed looks like a beaver den. We have the "Lover", the "Instigator", the "Escape Artist", the "Commander" and on and on. Some are bold, shy, pushy, carefree or curious. Their best quality is the unconditional love they will give you.

I'm the happiest girl in the world.

Not everybody wants or can handle the responsibility of having a Bulldog in the family. Please be sure this breed is for you and that you can accommodate the needs of such a great animal.

There is nothing cuter than a baby Bulldog. We are very proud of our pups and welcome you to visit The Puppy Den and see what is in our nursery. Thank you!



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