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Care of your Bulldog
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Yah, keep smiling....I'm chewing up your shoe when we get home!


Your Bulldog is a high maintenance animal.  I can't stress enough how important it is to find a veterinarian that is familiar with the breed and its medical traits or one that is willing to learn.  Once you find him or her make them your new best friend!

Let's start from the beginning when you bring home your new puppy.  You might be thinking about all the things you want to buy or have bought for your new puppy. A new bed, the spiked collar, a flashy leash, feed bowls, etc.  This is all fine and great until we get to the "chew toys".  ...I'm cringing now.

Your Bulldog at any age loves to chew so, invest in good heavy duty toys.  Thin cheaper toys are no match for a Bulldog on a chew binge.  Toys are shredded in no time and are very dangerous to any animal especialy your Bulldog.  Foreign bodies can damage the esophagus and or windpipe/trachea. This can be a very serious health issue.
"FAT BOY" and "JETA"
Raw hide chews of any kind are a big fat NO-NO.  Your Bulldog loves to eat and will attempt to swallow the hide as soon as it is soft enough, regaurdless of the size. Sevear choking or death can accur.
It is very important that young growing Bulldogs have proper nutrition and sufficient exercise. We recommend a feed that is 26% Protein and 14-16% Fat with sufficient Calcium, Vitamin D and Phosphorus. Adults require less. Most skin or hair coat problems I have seen were resolved with a correction in diet.
           Lack of exercise, excess weight and or a poor diet can result in growth problems. Carpal Vargus - Bowing of the limbs is seen more often in Bulldog puppies and requires vet attention right away. Nutrition, exercise, diet and environment can also play a huge role with Hip Dysplasia, another Bulldog trait. 

Do you know any kid that likes their face washed?
Cleaning between the wrinkles on your Bulldog should be done on a regular bases. Dirt and bacteria can collect between the wrinkles and cause skin problems, odors and discolor the hair. I use un-scented antibacterial baby wipes. While your cleaning wrinkles keep your eyes open for a chapped noise. You may need to apply a bit of vaseline on the chapped portion to make your pet more comfortable.
Poor Baby
The few eye problems I have run into were due to age. Heavier wrinkling begins to sag down causing eye lashes to rub on the eye. Untreated it can cause ulcers or worse. Cherry Eye is another common Bulldog trait. Ask your vet to check your Bulldogs eyes during regular visits to avoid any problems.

Are you sure you know what you're doing?
Your puppy will need more vaccinations and dewormers as it grows. A regular treatment of Frontline or Revolution for external parisites is also recomended (fleas, ticks ear mites). I rotate between the two produts every month. So, don't forget to make that vet appointment.  

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